Lang et al developed an equation for predicting oxygen uptake during cycle ergometry. This is intended to correct some deficiencies noted in the ACSM formula. The authors are from the University of Nebraska in Omaha.


Subjects: healthy males 19-39 years of age


Protocol: 5 stages (30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 watts)



(1) power output in kg•m per minute

(2) body weight in kilograms


oxygen uptake during cycle ergometry in mL per minute =

= (1.9 * (power output in kg•m per minute)) + (3.5 * (body weight in kg)) + 260



• According to Mertens et al, 1 W = 6.13 kp • m / min (with kp = kilopond).

• According to the ACSM's Guidelines for Exercise and Testing and Prescription (1995), 1 W equals approximately 6 kg • m / min.



• The results were more accurate than those predicted using the ACSM equation.


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