Invergo et al used the number of repetitions using an 80 pound barbell to predict a young adult's one repetition maximum (1-RM) bench pressing weight. This is a relatively simple and safe method of estimating a person's maximum strength based on submaximal endurance. The authors are from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois.


Subject population: moderately weight-trained males, with ages from 18 to 34 years


Barbell used: 80 pounds (36.36 kilograms)


Protocol: YMCA bench press test (previous section) at a metronome rate of 60 beats per minute


one repetition maximum for bench pressing in kilograms =

= (3.16 * (number of repetitions using the barbell) + 39.9



• The method may not apply to an athlete with a high level of 1 RM strength (page 125). I imagine that it also may not apply to a person who has no or little weight graining.


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