Huston Presley et al developed an equation for estimating body fat in a pregnant woman at 30 weeks gestation. The authors are from Case Western Reserve University and MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland.


Patient selection: pregnant woman to 30 weeks gestation (predominantly white)



(1) body weight in kilograms

(2) triceps skinfold thickness in mm

(3) subscapular skinfold thickness in mm

(4) suprailiac skinfold thickness in mm


fat mass in kilograms =

= (0.33529 * (body weight)) + (0.65664 * (triceps skinfold)) – (0.4373 * (subscapular skinfold)) + (0.43461 (suprailiac skinfold)) – 13.0538



• The skinfold measurements have to be taken very carefully, else methodologic variation can influence the results.


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