Heymsfield et al developed an equation to estimate the total body muscle mass from body height and the corrected arm muscle area. The authors are from Emory University in Georgia.


Patient selection: adult



(1) mid-arm circumference in cm (MAC) in cm

(2) triceps skinfold thickness in cm (measured in mm)

(3) corrected arm muscle area (CAMA) in square cm


CAMA in square cm =

= ((((MAC in cm) - ((PI) * (triceps skinfold thickness in cm)))^2) / (4 * (PI))) - (gender factor for bone area)



• The gender factor is 10 for males and 6.5 for females.

• Measurement of MAC is discussed in 02.03 (above).


total body muscle mass in kilograms =

= (height in cm) * (0.0264 + (0.0029 * (CAMA)))


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