Baca and Warnick developed an equation that can be used to estimate LDL-associated apolipoprotein B from serum total apolipoprotein B and triglycerides. The authors are from Berkeley Heartlab, Inc, in Alameda, California.



(1) total serum apolipoprotein B in mg/dL

(2) serum triglycerides in mg/dL


serum LDL-associated apolipoprotein B in mg/dL =

= (serum total apolipoprotein B in mg/dL) - ((triglycerides in mg/dL)/ 32) - 10



• The formula works if the triglyceride concentration is <= 800 mg/dL. Above 800 mg/dL the apolipoprotein fraction must be measured.

• The data in Figure 1C (page 908) could be approximated by a second order equation which would extend the triglyceride range.


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