Bee pollen may be ingested as a dietary supplement to promote health. A person who is allergic to honey may develop an eosinophilic gastroenteritis as a result.



(1) Often the patient has a history of allergies.

(2) Use of bee pollen.

(3) The patient experiences the onset of symptoms (below) after starting bee pollen intake.

(4) The symptoms disappear after discontinuing the pollen intake.

(5) Recurrence of symptoms on re-exposure.


Clinical findings:

(1) generalized malaise

(2) headache

(3) nausea and anorexia

(4) abdominal pain

(5) diarrhea

(6) pruritis

(7) congestion


Laboratory findings:

(1) eosinophilia

(2) elevated serum IgE levels

(3) RAST or skin test positive to honey and/or bee antigens

(4) multiple stools for ova and parasites are negative


Histologic features:

(1) eosinophilic infiltrate in esophageal or small bowel biopsies



(1) other causes of eosinophilia


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