A person with diabetes mellitus may be a candidate for pancreas transplant if certain criteria are present.


Type of Transplant

Creatinine Clearance

pancreas transplant alone (PTA)

usually > 60 mL/min; may be given in 40-60 mL/min range

sequential pancreas after kidney transplant (PAKT)

usually > 40 mL/min

pancreas and kidney transplant, simultaneous (SKPT)

usually < 30 mL/min


Diabetes status criteria

(1) presence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

(2) presence of 2 or more diabetic complications (proliferative retinopathy, diabetic nephropathy, peripheral or autonomic neuropathy, microangiopathy, accelerated atherosclerosis, difficult glucose control with frequent ketoacidosis and/or hypoglycemia)


General health status criteria:

(1) sufficient cardiopulmonary function

(2) able to undergo surgery

(3) able to withstand immunosuppression

(4) absence of any organ failures other than renal failure


Patient status criteria:

(1) emotionally and psychologically suitable

(2) sufficient social support and economic resources

(3) compliant with long term drug regimens


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