It is necessary to understand a healthcare environment before a marketing plan can be developed. Marketing should have strategic goals that are intended to address certain needs. One way of determining the goals for a marketing program is to conduct a SWOT analysis.




S for strengths

areas of excellence, positive relationships

W for weaknesses

suboptimal services, negative relationships, problems

O for opportunities

unmet needs, changes in population demographics

T for threats

competition, regulation, change in reimbursement


Difficult tasks are identification of weaknesses and recognition of profitable opportunities.


The analysis may include a review of:

(1) physical facility

(2) location

(3) administrative teams

(4) workers

(5) professional staff

(6) community

(7) special populations

(8) other service providers

(9) available resources



(1) what needs to be preserved and built upon

(2) what needs to be reduced and eliminated

(3) how and where to allocate resources

(4) what to monitor and measure

(5) who and what to target


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