Electronic health record (EHR) information blocking is an attempt by an EHR company or health care provider/organizaton to prevent legitimate exchange of health information.

Criteria for information blocking:

(1) legitimate request for information

(2) request made properly

(3) complete or partial refusal to provide the information (unreasonably interferes with request)

(4) done knowingly


Refusal may:

(1) be outright or masked

(2) take the form of an excuse related to a regulatory barrier, such as HIPAA

(3) involve sending corrupted or unreadable data

(4) involve sending incomplete information

(5) involve an excessive charge for access


Reasons for information blocking:

(1) afraid of losing power or control

(2) trying to hide something

(3) increase revenue



(1) not a legal request

(2) information does not exist

(3) request made improperly

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