Eggshell calcification of the lymph nodes may be seen on imaging studies of the chest.


Criteria for the diagnosis of eggshell calcification:

(1) peripheral shell-like calcification <= 2 mm in thickness affecting >= 2 lymph nodes

(2) >= 1 lymph node >= 1 cm in diameter

(3) complete ring-like shadow in >= 1 lymph node (may be broken in the other nodes)

Additional calcifications may be present in the center of the lymph node.


Conditions associated with eggshell calcification of lymph nodes:

(1) coal workers pneumoconiosis (common)

(2) other forms of silicosis (common)

(3) deep fungal infection (histoplasmosis, blastomycosis)

(4) sarcoidosis

(5) post-radiation change in Hodgkin’s disease

(6) amyloidosis


Differential diagnosis:

(1) cross-section of bronchus

(2) atherosclerosis of aorta

(3) thymic cyst

(4) parathyroid or thyroid tumor

(5) pulmonary artery in pulmonary hypertension


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