Eales Henry described the retinal disorder that bears his name


Features of Eales disease:

(1) venous inflammation (phlebitis) with occlusion causing an obliterative vasculopathy

(2) vascular sheathing

(3) nonperfusion of the peripheral retina

(4) neovascularization of the disc and/or retina

(5) variable vitreous hemorrhage


The diagnosis requires exclusion of other disorders causing vasculopathy or neovascularizaton.


“True” Eales’ disease affects males in India and the Middle East.



(1) retinal detachment

(2) cataract

(3) neovascular glaucoma

(4) phthisis bulbi

(5) CNS vasculopathy causing neurologic deficits (cerebellar ataxia, multifocal white matter abnormalities, ischemic stroke)


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