Dry socket (postextraction alveolitis, alveolar osteitis, fibrinolytic alveolitis) refers to a painful syndrome that follows a dental extraction. There is some evidence that oral bacteria may play a role in its development.


Onset: 1-3 days after extraction of a molar, especially a third molar


Duration: 1-6 weeks


Features of delayed healing of the socket:

(1) empty socket with exposed bone without epitheliazation

(2) inflammation without suppuration

(3) tenderness to palpation

(4) a foul odor or necrotic granulation tissue may or may not be present


If a person with delayed healing of the socket has severe radiating pain (often to the ear), then the diagnosis is alveolar osteitis.


Differential diagnosis - infected socket with or without osteomyelitis:

(1) fever

(2) swelling and purulent discharge

(3) eventual diagnostic changes in X-rays


Recommendations of Swanson (1990) to prevent:

(1) preoperative mouthrinsing with 0.2% chlorhexidine gluconate

(2) lavage of the socket site after extraction with 175 mL of sterile normal saline

(3) dress the socket with gelatin sponge with tetracycline


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