Bandeen-Roche et al used a simple questionnaire to screen elderly patients for symptoms of dry eye. The responses tended to segregate patients into one of 4 groups. The authors are associated with the Wilmer Eye Institute in Baltimore.


The instrument consists of 6 questions related to dry eyes (gritty sensation, burning, etc).



(1) never

(2) rarely

(3) sometimes

(4) often

(5) all of the time


Definition of positive vs negative for symptom:

(1) Definition 1 for positive: responses of sometimes, often or all of the time; else negative

(2) Definition 2 for positive: responses of often or all of the time; else negative


Groups recognized with Definition 1:

(1) no symptoms "positive"

(2) 1 or 2 symptoms "positive", usually including eyes feeling gritty

(3) 2 or more symptoms "positive", predominantly eyes burning and with little crusting, typically associated with insufficient tear flow

(4) 2 or more symptoms "positive", predominantly lashes crusting, typically associated with blepharitis


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