A number of drugs, chemicals and toxins can cause an increase in salivation, either directly or indirectly.


Chemicals poisoning:

(1) mercury, chronic

(2) iodide, chronic

(3) bismuth

(4) organophosphate pesticides (muscarinic stimulation)


Drugs that are muscarine agonists:

(1) pilocarpine

(2) bethanechol

(3) cevimeline


Plant toxins:

(1) muscarine mushrooms (Inocybe species, Clitocybe species, Mycena para, Omphalotus olearius)

(2) aconite (from the herb Aconium, or Wolfsbane)



(1) stingray

(2) scorpion

(3) funnel spider

(4) black widow spider



(1) anticipation of an addictive drug

(2) arsenic: mucous membrane irritation

(3) cantharides (Cantharidin beetle): mucous membrane irritation


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