Livedo reticularis may occur secondary to drug therapy.


Diagnosis of a drug-induced reaction involves:

(1) absence of the condition prior to initiation of drug therapy

(2) exclusion of other explanations

(3) eventual remission following discontinuation of the implicated drug (this may take some time)

(4) recurrence upon drug re-exposure (often deferred)


Drugs that may be associated with livedo reticularis:

(1) amantadine

(2) arsphenamine

(3) bismuth

(4) epinephrine or other catecholamine

(5) gemcitabine (in a patient with a hemolytic-uremic syndrome)

(6) heparin (in a patient with heparin-induced thrombocytopenia)

(7) interferon-beta or interferon-alpha

(8) minocycline

(9) quinidine

(10) thrombolytics


Drug interactions that may cause livedo reticularis:

(1) erythromycin and lovastatin



(1) drug-induced lupus erythematosus


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