A number of drugs may be associated with a lichen planus-like skin reaction.


General features of a lichenoid drug reaction:

(1) absence of lichen planus-like lesions prior to drug therapy

(2) appeareance of skin lesions after starting drug therapy

(3) resolution of skin lesions after discontinuing therapy with the implicated drug

(4) reappearance of the skin lesions upon re-exposure to the drug (rechallenge)


A patient with an lichen planus-like skin lesion may develop lichenoid lesions of oral or other mucosal surface.


Drugs associated with a lichen-planus like drug reaction include:

(1) beta-blockers

(2) methyldopa

(3) penicillamine

(4) quinidine

(5) quinine


(7) allopurinol


Other drugs have been implicated with varying degrees of evidence.


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