A number of drugs have been reported to cause diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).

Drugs that have been reported to cause diabetic ketoacidosis include:

(1) anti-calcineurinimmunosuppressives

(2) atypicalantipsychotics

(3) brentuximab

(4) checkpointinhibitors(e.g.,pembrolizumab,nivolumab)

(5) corticosteroids

(6) dapagliflozin (for heart failure)

(7) HIVproteaseinhibitors (raltegravir, other)

(8) isoproterenol

(9) pentamidine

(10) salicylates

(11) SGLT-2inhibitors

(12) substanceabuse(marijuana, methamphetamine, etc)

(13) sympathomimetics

(14) thiazides

(15) fluoroquinolone antibiotics (flumequine, gatifloxacin)

(16) alpelisib



(1) the patient is taking the drug prior to the onset of DKA

(2) no other cause for the DKA is identified

(3) the DKA improves if the drug is stopped

(4) the DKA recurs if the drug is restarted


In addition, any drug causing a major drug reaction (anaphylaxis, DRESS, TEN, etc) could trigger an episode of DKA.

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