Albendazole can be administered orally to treat patients with hydatid disease and neurocysticercosis.

Weight of the Patient

Oral Dose


< 60 kilograms

15 mg/kg/day divided for bid dosing with meals

maximum total daily dose 800 mg

>= 60 kilograms

400 mg bid given with meals




• The dose of 800 mg a day is reached at 53.3 kilograms when dosed at 15 mg/kg. The dosing table given could be rewritten to use this as the cutoff point for patient weight.


Duration of therapy:

(1) neurocysticercosis: 8 to 30 days

(2) hydatid disease: 3 courses of therapy are recommended, with each cycle 28 days of therapy separated from the next cycle by a 14 day albendazole free interval


Patients with neurocysticercosis should also be considered for concurrent therapy with corticosteroids and/or anticonvulsants.


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