Pigs are nasty creatures that will eat just about anything. They will attack and devour humans if given the chance. A dead body left with a herd of swine will quickly disappear with little residue.


Potential pitfalls:

(1) the body needs to be transported unless the murder occurs close to the pigs

(2) the murderer needs to have control over the site for a few days

(3) clothing and personal items need to be disposed of

(4) bone and any uneaten fragments needs to be retrieved and disposed of


Ways to optimize the method:

(1) the murderer owns the farm

(2) there is a large number of pigs

(3) the pig sty is in a remote location

(4) the more offensive the smell at the pen the less likely people will want to go near it

(5) no one else knows about it


In tropical countries crocodiles or alligators can be used instead of pigs but these are a wee bit harder to handle.


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