The Disease Severity Score (DSS) provides a rough estimate of an asthmatic patient's clinical status during a specific 6 month period. It is an attempt to use subjective clinical information in a more quantitative manner. It correlates with methacholine hyperresponsiveness, with high Disease Severity Scores associated with airway hyperresponsiveness at low methacholine concentrations. The Disease Severity Score correlates with the Airway Reactivity Score.


The instrument consists of 6 questions.


These are scored from 1 point (minimal disease) to 5 (severe disease).


disease severity score =

= SUM(points for all 6 questions)



• minimum score: 6 points

• maximum score: 30 points

• low scores indicate low methacholine reactivity (require higher methacholine dose for bronchial response)

• high scores indicate high methacholine reactivity (require lower methacholine dose for bronchial response)


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