Mebazaa et al reported a sample checklist to use when discharging a patient from the intensive care unit (ICU) following an admission for heart failure. A checklist can help to ensure that all necessary tasks have been completed, which improves short and long-term outcomes. The authors are from multiple institutions from around the world.

Patient selection: heart failure patient admitted to the ICU


Clinical status improved:

(1) dyspnea improved

(2) edema improved

(3) weight loss (> 3 kilograms)

(4) slowing of heart rate

(5) normalized blood pressure

(6) low serum concentration of natriuretic peptide

(7) GFR stable and > 60 mL per min per 1.73 square meter BSA


Optimized therapy:

(1) precipitating factor(s) under control

(2) comorbidities under control

(3) angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor and/or angiotensin receptor blocker

(4) beta-blocker therapy

(5) mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist

(6) diuretics

(7) anti-thrombotics

(8) diet



(1) post-discharge follow-up planned


Some additional items may be:

(1) to review the GOLD criteria for palliative care if the heart failure appears to be end-stage.

(2) to evaluate the patient for anxiety and depression

(3) to review social factors which may contribute to deterioration

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