When a person dies as a result of a weather incident, the cause of death needs to be classified.


Classification of weather-related death:

(1) direct: caused as a direct consequence of the weather event

(2) indirect: related to the weather event but cause secondary

(3) possibly weather-related

(4) unrelated to weather (life span not impacted in any way by weather event)



(1) hypothermia from cold

(2) roof collapse from snow

(3) flash flood from rain

(4) avalance

(5) flying debris



(1) unsafe driving conditions from rain or snow

(2) disruption of community services

(3) while shoveling snow

(4) carbon monoxide while in a car stuck in snow

(5) struck while trying to free a stuck vehicle

(6) electrocution from downed electrical wires

(7) contaminated food or water


Some causes of death may be difficult to classify, like falling on or through ice.


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