The floppy infant syndrome is associated with hypotonia.


(1) ischemic

(2) infectious

(3) metabolic

(4) endocrine

(5) developmental/hereditary

(6) degenerative (progressive)


Disorder of spinal cord or peripheral nerve:

(1) poliomyelitis or other infection

(2) motor neuron disease

(3) neurogenic arthrogryposis

(4) glycogen storage disease

(5) lysosomal storage disease

(6) sensorimotor polyneuropathy

(7) spinal cord injury or tumor


Disorder of muscle or the neuromuscular junction:

(1) infantile botulism

(2) congenital myasthenia or neonatal myasthenia gravis

(3) infantile myotonic dystrophy

(4) congenital myopathy

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