Erythema of the palms may be due to multiple conditions.

Causes of palmar erythema:

(1) paraneoplastic

(2) cirrhosis ("liver palms"), associated with elevated serum estradiol levels

(3) allergic drug eruption

(4) contact dermatitis

(5) erythema multiforme

(6) cellulitis

(7) palmoplantar dermatosis

(8) autoimmune diseases (see below)

(9) viral infection

(10) idiopathic in women

(11) thyrotoxicosis

(12) diabetes mellitus

(13) drug-induced

(14) protein malnutrition

(15) pregnancy

(16) erythema nodosum


Autoimmune diseases that can cause palmar erythema:

(1) dermatomyositis

(2) rheumatoid arthritis

(3) sarcoidosis


Viral infections that can cause palmar erythema:

(1) HTLV-1

(2) COVID-19

(3) HIV

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