A number of conditions may cause pain in or around the eye.

Differential diagnosis of pain in or around the eye:

(1) angle-closure glaucoma

(2) vascular disease (carotid occlusion, cranial arteritis, other), typically with ocular hypoxia

(3) dry eye

(4) ocular inflammation/infection

(5) disease of the eyelid, conjunctiva and/or anterior segment disease

(6) Herpes zoster

(7) migraine

(8) cluster headache

(9) painful ophthalmoplegia

(10) Raeder paratrigeminal neuralgia

(11) referred pain from the dura

(12) sinusitis

(13) tic douloureux

(14) dental disease

(15) nasopharyngeal carcinoma

(16) temporomandibular syndrome

(17) atypical facial neuralgia

(18) trigeminal tumors

(19) lesions in the medulla


Overlapping differential lists:

(1) painful vision loss

(2) pain on eye movement

(3) aching in the eye (asthenopia)

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