Orbital pain may be caused by a wide range of conditions.

Patient selection: orbital pain


Infections associated with orbital pain

(1) dengue fever

(2) erysipelas

(3) Clostridium perfringens

(4) trichinosis

(5) infectious myositis

(6) orbital cellulitis or abscess

(7) sinusitis

(8) infectious periostitis (tuberculosis, syphilis, other)

(9) acute dacryoadenitis


Neurological conditions associated with orbital pain:

(1) amputation neuroma of the orbit

(2) paratrigeminal paralysis (Raeder syndrome)

(3) ophthalmoplegic migraine syndrome

(4) nasal nerves syndrome (Charlin syndrome)

(5) retrobulbar neuritis


Other conditions associated with orbital pain include:

(1) myositis associated with collagen vascular disease

(2) cavernous sinus thrombosis

(3) uncorrected errors of refraction with eye strain

(4) painful ophthalmoplegia (Tolosa-Hunt syndrome)

(5) pseudotumor cerebri

(6) tumor (orbital, metastatic, cerebellopontine angle, other)

(7) trauma (with or without periostitis)

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