Enlargement of an extraocular muscle can occur in a number of conditions.

Detection: imaging study (MRI, CT)


Causes of a diffuse enlargement:

(1) acromegaly

(2) amyloidosis

(3) thryoid ophthalmopathy of Graves Disease (thyroid-associated orbitpathy)

(4) infection, including parasitic

(5) trauma

(6) arteriovenous malformation

(7) collagen vascular disease (orbital myositis, sarcoidosis, etc)

(8) pseudotumor

(9) tumor (leukemia, lymphoma, etc)


Causes of a focal enlargement (localized mass-like):

(1) cysticercosis

(2) trichinosis

(3) cyst

(4) primary or metastatic carcinoma

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