A person who believes in voodoo or a similar religion may die after being cursed or having a hex placed. Usually a cause other than evil spirits can be found if a proper investigation is conducted.

Situation: A person is hexed or cursed. After a period of time the person dies.


A person who is fervent believer in voodoo may believe that the curse is real, and react as if doomed. This may be associated with a great deal of psychological stress.


Differential diagnosis of death associated with a voodoo curse:

(1) stress-induced cardiomyopathy (similar to tako-tsubo)

(2) ventricular arrhythmia induced by severe stress

(3) dehydration or malnutrition secondary to a refusal to eat or drink

(4) coincidental death due to an underlying condition

(5) homicide by poison or foreign body in food (capable of perforating the bowel wall such as bone or glass)

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