Abnormal uterine bleeding can usually be explained by the presence of one or more conditions.


Possible explanations for abnormal uterine bleeding:

(1) adenomyosis

(2) atrophic endometrium

(3) coagulopathy

(4) dysfunctional bleeding (anovulatory cycles, inadequate luteal phase)

(5) endometrial hyperplasia

(6) endometritis

(7) hormonal therapy (oral contraceptives, estrogen replacement, progestin therapy)

(8) leiomyoma

(9) polyp (endometrial , endocervical)

(10) pregnancy complications

(11) uterine malignancy


The prevalence for each of these varies with age, depending on whether the woman is:

(1) an adolescent

(2) adult in reproductive years

(3) perimenopausal

(4) postmenopausal


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