A wide range of dermatologic disorders may present as a verrucous skin lesion.

Commonly considered conditions:

(1) verruca/condyloma (wart)

(2) verrucous squamous cell carcinoma

(3) verrucous squamous cell leukoplakia

(4) verrucous squamous cell hyperplasia


Other conditions to consider:

(1) verrucous lichen planus

(2) verrucous lupus erythematosus

(3) verruciform xanthoma

(4) verrucous sarcoidosis

(5) verrucous hemangioma/vascular malformation/angiokeratoma

(6) verrucous epidermal nevus

(7) verrucous seborrheic keratosis

(8) verrucous variant of porokeratosis of Mibelli

(9) acral microcystic lymphangioma

(10) dermal leishmaniasis

(11) verrucous sporotrichosis or histoplasmosis

plus others


A superficial shave biopsy may only show the surface keratin without showing the underling process. This can be significant in a verrucous carcinoma.

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