A pediatric patient may present with a mass in the floor of the mouth.

Some masses are present at birth.

Some are detected as incidental findings.

Some are large enough to interfere with breathing and/or feeding.


Most common:

(1) benign dermoid or teratoid cyst

(2) epidermal inclusion cyst

(3) lipoma

(4) ranula (mucocele on the floor of the mouth related to the sublingual salivary gland)



(1) oral lymphangioma

(2) oral foregut cyst (with respiratory type epithelium and numerous goblet cells)

(3) benign cyst or mass of the sublingual salivary gland

(4) imperforate submandibular duct



(1) primary carcinoma

(2) malignant lymphoma



• The epidermal inclusion cyst (epidermoid cyst) has an epithelial layer with luminal keratin but no skin adnexal structures. A dermoid cyst has skin adnexal structures.

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