A number of vegetables may interfere with iodine uptake by the thyroid gland. These can result in goiter if taken in large amounts, if undercooked or if eaten in an area with a marginal iodine intake.



(1) compete with iodine for thyroidal uptake: thiocyanate, glucosinolates

(2) impaired thyroid peroxidase activity: flavonoids


Foods that contain cyanogenic glucosides (metabolized to thiocyanates):

(1) casssava

(2) lima beans

(3) linseed

(4) sorghum

(5) sweet potato


Foods that contain glucosinolates:

(1) cabbage

(2) kale

(3) cauliflower

(4) broccoli

(5) turnips

(6) rapeseed


Foods that contain flavonoids:

(1) soy

(2) millet


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