Dieseling is a controversial topic in air guns. It may be unpredictable and can damage the gun over time.

In dieseling a petroleum-based grease or jelly is based on the base of an air pellet. When fired there is ignition of the petroleum product resulting in:

(1) release of smoke

(2) higher speed to the pellet

(3) louder report

(4) increased penetration into the target


The ignition of the petroleum product is compared to ignition in a diesel engine, which has no spark plugs.


Hazards, especially with repeated firings:

(1) damage to air seals

(2) damage to the barrel


Variation in occurrence:

(1) it is not seen with all air guns. It is most often described with a spring air rifle.

(2) the effect may vary between shots, which may reflect variation in the amount of petroleum product

(3) smoke from an air rifle can be seen from other sources such as ignition of lubrication oil

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