Some adolescents and adults are interested in wearing and/or handling diapers. There are a number of variations that cover a broad spectrum of behaviors.



(1) Does the person need to wear a diaper because of urinary or fecal incontinence? If so, did the person intentionally do something to become incontinent?

(2) Does the person derive sexual stimulation (a fetish), a sense of release, or feel an overwhelming desire to wear a diaper? Does the person wear a diaper as an alternative to underwear, with no secondary gain.

(3) Does the person pretend to be a baby, sleeping in a crib, etc?

(4) Does the person wear the diaper, or only handle them, or want to watch other people wearing them (voyeur)?

(5) Does the person prefer soiled to clean diapers? Does the person go out of the way to obtain used diapers?

(6) Does the person feel ashamed and isolated, trying to hide it from others?


"Adult baby" is a term for a person who acts out as an infant.


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