Logsdail and Toone listed criteria for diagnosing post-itcal psychosis in a patient with a seizure disorder. A psychotic episode may precede the recognition of the seizure disorder.


Criteria for post-ictal psychosis:

(1) episodes of psychosis occurring within 1 week of a seizure (or a cluster of seizures)

(2) the episode of psychosis lasts >= 15 hours and < 2 months

(3) the patient may experience delirium, delusions and/or hallucinations in clear consciousness

(4) exclusions:

(4a) a history of psychosis or treatment with antipsychotic medications within the past 3 months

(4b) drug toxicity due to an antiepileptic drug

(4c) an EEG showing an absence of seizure activity

(4d) a recent history of head trauma

(4e) a recent history of alcohol and/or drug intoxication and/or withdrawal



• During the psychotic episode the patient may experience confusion and/or delirium.

• Hallucinations may be auditory, visual, somatosensory and/or olfactory.


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