Cheng et al reported diagnostic criteria for atopic dermatitis applicable to Chinese children. The authors are from multiple institutions in China.

Patient selection: Chinese child from 1 to 7 years of age


Criteria for atopic dermatitis:

(1) pruritus

(2) one of the following:

(2a) typical morphology and distribution (flexural dermatitis, face, extensor involvement)

(2b) atypical morphology and distribution and xerosis (typical eczematous lesion on locations other than flexural areas)

(3) chronic persistent or relapsing course


An additional criterion might be exclusion of any other diagnosis that could explain the findings better.


Facial lesions (cheeks, forehead) and extensor involvement tends to be seen in children under 4 years of age.


Eczematous lesions may include:

(1) scalp dermatitis

(2) eyelid eczema

(3) nipple eczema

(4) vulva eczema

(5) nummular type of eczema

(6) eczema of the fingertip

(7) nonspecific dermatitis of hands and/or feet

(8) nail or paronychial eczema


Atypical eczematous lesions:

(1) pityriasis alba

(2) cheilitis

(3) intra-auricular and retroauricular fissuring

(4) intranasal fissuring

(5) prurigo type

(6) pompholyx

(7) papular lichenoid type

(8) pityriasis alba

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