Ritholz et al identified the impact of hypoglycemic episodes on the quality of life for a patient with diabetes mellitus. A clinician should actively identify those issues that the patient is experiencing and help the patient find ways to mitigate their effect.

Impact of hypoglycemia on a patient with diabetes:

(1) embarrassment

(2) feelings of helplessness with loss of control

(3) fear of becoming dependent

(4) poor self-image

(5) confusion and difficulty understanding what is happening

(6) frustration and resentment

(7) difficulty in talking to others about the event and assuming that others cannot understand what is happening

(8) withdrawal from intimate relationships

(9) concern about job or future



• Confusion may also be a result from the brain's exposure to the low blood glucose.


A patient may find it hard to talk about the impact of hypoglycemia on his/her life. It may take some effort for the clinician to finally understand how the patient experiences this complication. However, the patient's attitude will improve if changes can be made that are successful in preventing future episodes.

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