Oral health problems may be an early indication of diabetes and can be a source of ongoing morbidity.


Oral complaints for diabetics may include:

(1) excessive caries (tooth decay)

(2) periodontal disease and gingivitis

(3) dry mouth (from dehydration)

(4) impaired taste

(5) salivary gland dysfunction

(6) oral candidiasis

(7) other oral infections

(8) delayed healing

(9) oral lichen planus or lichenoid reactions


Systemic consequences of oral disease:

(1) poor glucose control with severe periodontal infections

(2) bacteremia and infective endocarditis


Risk factors for oral problems in a diabetic include:

(1) persistent hyperglycemia

(2) poor oral hygiene

(3) failure to see a dentist regularly

(4) poor diet


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