Measurements of the scapula can be used to help determine the probable gender of human remains.


Patient population

(1) 112 females and 128 males in the Tennessee Data Bank

(2) includes Whites of European descent and Blacks


Measurements taken:

(1) height of the scapula in mm

(2) breadth of the scapula in mm


score =

= (0.17308 * (height of scapula in mm)) + (0.21072 * (breadth of scapula in mm)) - 47.616



• The points for taking the height measurement is not given, but is assumed to be from the superior to inferior angle.

• The breadth is assumed to be the distance from medial to lateral margins, probably along the costal (anterior) surface and using the rim of the glenoid cavity as the lateral margin.



• A positive score indicates male gender.

• A negative score indicates female gender.

• The score is reported as 94% correct.


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