There are 3 key issues in an active shooter incident - the shooter, the motives and the target.

The shooter:

(1) current or former employee

(2) current or former client

(3) family member

(4) significant other

(5) criminal

(6) terrorist

(7) zealot


There may be more than one shooter.


The shooter may have one or more accomplices.


The motives:

(1) to commit a crime

(2) to terrorize

(3) to get revenge (hatred, grudge, jealousy, etc)

(4) delusion from mental illness


The target:

(1) a boss

(2) coworkers

(3) family member

(4) significant other or someone involved with a significant other

(5) service provider

(6) racial or religious group

(7) anyone (indiscriminate)

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