People who wear dentures may develop pain in the mouth associated with Candida growing below the dentures.


Clinical features:

(1) erythema beneath a denture, typically the upper

(2) may be associated angular stomatitis


Risk factors:

(1) wearing the dentures for long periods, including overnight

(2) poor oral hygiene

(3) poor denture care (poorly cleaned dentures)

(4) xerostomia

(5) high carbohydrate diet

(6) poorly fitting dentures, causing recurrent trauma

(7) allergy to the denture or denture adhesives

(8) diabetes mellitus

(9) immunodeficiency (corticosteroids, HIV, chemotherapy, transplant, etc)

(10) oral radiation


The diagnosis can be confirmed by a fungal culture of the dentures.


Differential diagnosis:

(1) malnutrition with vitamin deficiencies

(2) smoking-related discomfort


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