Chronic exposure of the teeth to gastric acid can result in erosions of the dental surfaces. Eccles and Jenkins developed a grading scale for the severity of these erosions.

Features of erosions:

(1) enamel no longer appears smooth and glazed; in severe cases the approximal surfaces of the incisors may appear translucent

(2) concavities at the cervical (neck) region along either the lingual or labial side; these are usually wider than they are deep

(3) loss of enamel surrounding amalgam restorations; corrosion of amalgam material

(4) "cupping" or grooved, depressed appearance affecting the edges of the incisors or the cusp tips of the molars


Surfaces examined on each tooth:

(1) occlusal

(2) lingual

(3) buccal/ facial


Appearance of Tooth Surface


no involvement of surface


loss of enamel surface features; no dentin involvement


exposure of dentin on less than one third of surface


exposure of dentin on a third of the surface or more



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