The rate of increase in the MELD score (delta-MELD per month) is a prognostic finding in patients with advanced cirrhosis.


Patient selection: advanced cirrhosis



(1) baseline MELD score

(2) current MELD score

(3) number of months between the 2 MELD scores


delta-MELD per month =

= ((current MELD) – (baseline MELD)) / (number of months)



• The higher the delta-MELD per month the worse the patient’s prognosis.

• Bae et al found that a delta-MELD per month > 0.27 was a predictor of increased mortality at 6 and 12 months.

• Huo et al used a delta-MELD per month > 2.5 was a predictor of increased mortality.

• These values suggest that Bae et al are using the original MELD score, while Huo et al are using the modified MELD score (original MELD score multiplied by 10).


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