Santeria is an Afro-Latin religious system the mixes both African (Yoruba people) and Catholic imagery. Santeria recognizes severa; deities (orishas), that may be invoked for good or evil. Occasionally it may be encountered in forensic medicine for certain communities.


(1) name of the deity

(2) name of the corresponding Catholic saint

(3) role of the deity


Name of the Deity

Catholic Saint(s)

Role of the Deity


Holy Guardian Angel; Christ Child; St Anthony of Padua

controls roads, gates, doors; allows communication between santero and orisha


Our Lady of Las Mercedes; Christ resurrected; Holy Eucharist

father of all the santos; source of energy, wisdom and purity; patron of hysterics and melancholiacs


Saint Barbara

controls thunder and lightning; controls fire


Our Lady of Charity

controls gold and money; sensual love; arranges marriages; protects genitals


Our Lady of Regia

primordial mother of all santos; protects motherhood; controls fertility; owns the seas


Saint Lazarus

patron of the sick, especially skin diseases


Saint Peter

warrior; metals and weapons



• The Yoruba is a people living in southwestern Nigeria and Benin.

• Santero is the priest.

• Santos is a saint.


Deities often called in malevolent sorcery: Chango, Oggun

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