Lin and Rouse compared several different criteria for what constitutes a failed induction. They developed a definition based on maternal physiology that may provide practical guidance to obstetricians. The authors are from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.



(1) minimum of 12 to 18 hours after membrane rupture (including amniotomy)

(2) infusion of an adequate dose of oxytocin (sufficient to provide 5 contractions every 10 minutes or 250 Montevideo Units)

(3) cervical dilation - one or both of the following:

(3a) < 4 cm AND < 90% effacement

(3b) < 5 cm irregardless of effacement



• The time interval reflects the interval in which most women progress to active labor.

• For the implementation 16 hours is used (a value between 12 and 18).


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