Certain clinical findings may be present in a patient with deep vein thrombosis in the lower extremity and severe swelling.



(1) phlegmasia alba dolens

(2) phlegmasia cerulea dolens

(3) venous gangrene


Features of phlegmasia alba dolens:

(1) severe swelling of the lower extremity

(2) cyanosis is absent ("white leg")


Features of phelgmasia cerulea dolens:

(1) massive swelling of the lower extremity with extensive venous thrombosis

(2) cyanosis is present ("blue phlebitis")

(3) decreased arterial blood flow with insufficient tissue oxygenation

(4) may be associated with venous gangrene and/or a compartment syndrome


Features of venous gangrene:

(1) areas of full-thickness skin necrosis

(2) usually tense limb edema with blebs

(3) usually with cyanosis

(4) may be associated with a compartment syndrome


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