A person who has to make multiple decisions may eventually become mentally exhausted.

Features of decision fatigue:

(1) difficulty in making an appropriate decision

(2) preceded by a period of making numerous decisions


Factors impacting decision fatigue:

(1) personal capacity and training

(2) number of decisions

(3) complexity of decisions

(4) significance of outcome

(5) support received


Decision fatigue may be worse with:

(1) physical fatigue

(2) emotional fatigue

(3) tiredness

(4) illness


A person may respond to decision fatigue by:

(1) avoidance in making a decision

(2) deciding impulsively or randomly

(3) going along with expectations or least resistance

(4) overdelegation

(5) burning out


The risk of decision fatigue can be reduced by:

(1) appropriate delegation

(2) taking rest breaks

(3) prioritizing tasks

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