Karabulut et al studied the effect of implant size on the degree of breast augmentation. The authors are from Instanbul University and Taksim Training and Research Hospital in Turkey.


Measurement: change in bust circumference before and after surgery using a tape held snugly at the level of the nipple-areola complex


Implants: gel-filled silicone in a range from 150 to 450 mL


median increase in bust size in cm =

= ((0.01949 * (volume of the implant in mL)) + 0.1440


volume of breast mplant in mL =

= ((increase in bust size in cm) - 0.144) / 0.01949 =

= (51.308 *(increase in bust size in cm)) - 7.388


It is assumed that the augmentation procedure involves 2 implants.


The authors found that a 100 mL increase in volume for an implant increased bust size by about 2 cm.


A woman with a larger preoperative chest circumferences required a larger implant to achieve a specified post-operative increase in chest circumference. When looking at the range of bust size increases per volume of implant, women with large chest circumferences tended to have an increase less than the median.


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