A male with hypgonadism may benefit from cutaneous administration of testosterone gel. This allows for transdermal absorption of testerosterone.


Testosterone gels from different sources should not be interchanged since they may be different.


Application instructions:

(1) The gel is applied to upper arms and shoulders, in a distribution covered by an undershirt (T-shirt).

(2) A low dose may be applied to one site. Higher doses should be applied to two sites on opposite sides of the body.

(3) The skin at the application site(s) should be clean, dry and intact.

(4) The gel should be applied with the palm of the hand and allowed to air dry.

(5) Wash the hands with soap and water immediately after application.

(6) Cover the application site with a T-shirt once the gel has completely dried.

(7) Avoid swimming, showering or washing the application sites for >= 2 hours after the application.



(1) The gel contains alcohol which is flammable. Avoid smoking, flames or fires until the alcohol evaporates.

(2) Children and women should avoid any contact with unwashed, unclothed or uncovered application sites.

(3) The application site should be thoroughly washed with soap and water prior to any direct skin contact with another person.

(4) If another person comes into direct contact with an unwashed application site then the site of that person’s contact should be immediately washed with soap and water.

(5) The man should be monitored for response to therapy and the dose adjusted accordingly.

(6) The man should be monitored for adverse effects.


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