The National Rosacea Society Expert Committee has listed criteria for the diagnosis of rosacea.


(1) primary features

(2) secondary features


Primary features:

(1) frequent, transient erythema (flushing)

(2) nontransient erythema

(3) papules and pustules

(4) telangiectasia


Secondary features:

(1) burning or stinging of facial skin

(2) plaque

(3) dry appearance with skin that is rough and scaling

(4) facial edema

(5) ocular manifestations (conjunctival hyperemia, conjunctivitis, lid inflammation, other)

(6) peripheral locations in addition to central face

(7) phymatous changes (patulous follicles, skin thickening, skin fibrosis, bulbous appearance)


The diagnosis of rosacea requires one or more of the primary features involving the skin of the central face.

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